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CAT7 Bulk Ethernet Cable, 10G Indoor/Outdoor Dual Shielded Solid Copper S/FTP, 23 AWG 1000FT

CAT 7 Ethernet Cable, Shielded, CAT 7 Cable, Indoor/Outdoor , 10G, 1000’ Black
  • CAT 7 Ethernet Cable, Shielded, CAT 7 Cable, Indoor/Outdoor , 10G, 1000’ Black
  • Cat7 Ethernet Cable Indoor / Outdoor Shielded Pairs w/ Braiding Solid BC 1000’ Black
  • Cat7 Ethernet Cable Indoor / Outdoor Shielded Pairs w/ Braiding Solid BC 1000’ Black
EC Verified   RoHS Compliant  

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    CAT7 Indoor/Outdoor Dual Shielded Ethernet Cable

    Security Savvy's indoor/outdoor CAT7 cable with its dual shielding is ideal for high performance data communications for voice, data, video and security capabilities. Our CAT7 cable is ideal for your network installation and applications. Whether you are wiring your home, office or entire campus, Security Savvy has the solution that's right for you.

    This indoor/outdoor CAT7 cable is a high speed 10 Gigabit Bulk Cable which consists of a 4 Pair / 8 Conductor configuration. These twisted pairs are individually shielded in order to repel electromagnetic interference (EMI) in electrically noisy environments. This CAT7 Cable is designed with an Overall Tin-Copper Braid for extra interference protection. Additionally, this cable has a tinned copper drain wire which grounds the electricity after it has been terminated. This drain wire is required on all shielded cable in order to prevent signal loss, cross-talk, and other performance issues. Our CAT7 Cable is 23AWG and comprised of Solid-Bare Copper Conductors with a black low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) Jacket. This cable is only available in 1000' increments on a Wooden Spool.

    Security Savvy's CAT7 cable is quality manufactured to meet and or exceed product certifications and standards Exceeds ANSI/TIA 568 B.2-1, ISO/IEC 2nd edition 11801 class F specifications

    CAT7 & Cat7A Bulk Cable Options

    Solid Copper
    Solid Copper
    10 or More

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    CAT7 Indoor/Outdoor Cable Features:

    • Category 7 Indoor / Outdoor Solid Cable
    • Shielded Twisted Pair (S/FTP) Cable
    • Overall Tin-Copper Braiding
    • High-Performance Data Communications Cable
    • Tested 10G-850 MHz High Speed Data Applications, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and 155Mbps TP-PMD/CDDI
    • Designed for Indoor / Outdoor Installations
    • 4-Pair – Easily Identified Color-Striped Pairs
    • 23AWG Solid Bare Copper Conductors
    • Excellent Attenuation and Crosstalk Characteristics
    • UV Outdoor Rated Cable
    • LSZH Jacket
    • EC Verified
    • Exceeds ANSI/TIA 568 B.2-1, ISO/IEC
    • ISO/IEC 2nd Edition 11801 Class F
    • Supplied on 1000´ Wooden Spools


    • 10GBASE-T Ethernet
    • 1000BASE-Tx Gigabit Ethernet
    • 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX FAst Ethernet (IEEE 802.3)
    • 10 VG - AnyLAN (IEEE802.12)
    • 550 MHz Broadband Video
    • Voice, T1, ISDN
    • 155/622 Mbps ATM
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    Additional Information

    The main difference between CAT7 cable and its predecessors is its level of shielding. CAT7 cable meets or exceeds the rigorous demands of Class F cabling, with stricter specifications for EMI reduction. The shielding of the individual twisted pairs enables Cat7 to deliver transmission speeds up to 10G. CAT7 cable is also backward compatible, working with CAT5E and CAT6 networks.

    Security Savvy offers CAT7 cable for both indoor and outdoor applications for 10G data networks. Ours is sold on a wooden spool of 1,000 feet.

    Please follow this link to learn more about our Category 7 Bulk Cable.

    Steps for Terminating CAT7 (C7SS-116GY) with Modular Plug CN1-022-8C6AS:

    Terminating Cat7

    CN1-022-8C6AS Crimping Instructions

    1. Put the plug into the crimp tool in the right position.

    2. Squeeze the tool to push the contact blades into correct positions.

    3. Push the metal strain relief down to hold the cable with foil screen or drain wire.
    NOTE: Step 3 to 5 are for the shielded plug with metal strain relief only.

    4. Place the metal strain relief at the right position.

    5. Squeeze the tool again for holding the cable tightly and grounding.

    6. Completion.

    What's in the Box

    (1) - 1000 Foot Spool, CAT7 Indoor / Outdoor 10G Individually Shielded Pairs (S/FTP) Solid Cable.