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CAT6 Crossover Ethernet Patch Cable, Snagless Molded Boot, RJ45 - RJ45, 10ft

10' CAT6 Crossover Ethernet Patch Cable
UL Compliant ETL Verified RoHS Compliant

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    CAT6 Crossover Ethernet Patch Cable With Snagless Molded Boot

    Security Savvy's CAT6 Crossover Patch Cables are great for indoor voice, data, video, and security networking applications. Crossover Cables have a TIA/EIA 568A termination on one side and a TIA/EIA 568B termination on the other. A crossover cable is generally used to connect network adapters on two devices directly to each other. Some network hubs or switches may require a crossover cable to connect from one hub or switch to another.

    Product Quality

    Product quality is essential to a reliable network, Security Savvy's CAT6 Crossover patch cables are durable, flexible and well-constructed. This patch cable features a molded-strain-relief boot, a PVC jacket, stranded bare copper wire and RJ45 connectors with gold-plated contacts.

    Durability & Strength

    To make sure we are supplying our customers with high-quality Ethernet cables, we meet and/or exceed current CAT6 standards. Security Savvy's CAT6 patch cables are UL Listed, ETL Verified and RoHS Compliant.

    CAT6 Network Products

    To complete your CAT6 network we carry a full end to end solution including CAT6 Bulk Cables, CAT6 modular plugs, CAT6 keystone jacks, Blank Patch Panels, CAT6 Patch Panels, and wall plates. We also have a large assortment of Tools, Testers and Cable Management Accessories that will help make your installation fast, smooth and organized. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (951) 824-1571.


    • High-Performance Data Communication Cable
    • Category 6 10' Crossover Patch Cable With Snagless Molded Boot
    • Great for High-Speed Gigabit Ethernet Applications
    • Designed for Indoor Installations
    • Category-6 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cable
    • Stranded Bare Copper Conductors
    • Excellent Attenuation And Crosstalk Characteristics
    • Gold Plated Contacts
    • Factory Machine Made and Injection Molded
    • Snagless Boot Design for easy handling
    • UL Listed
    • ETL Verified
    • RoHS Compliant

    Additional Information

    Security Savvy's supplies CAT6 patch cables in a variety of jacket colors and in both shielded and unshielded versions. Security Savvy's CAT6 patch cables are manufactured with superior quality build materials to ensure our products meet and/or exceed Category standards.


    Security Savvy offers Snagless network patch cables, these cables have a small flap that protects the RJ-45 connectors from snagging on other items when you are trying to pull the cable through places. Typically these cables are used in applications where there is a high insertion cycle, like an easy-to-access space.

    Molded Boot

    Security Savvy offers network patch cables with Molded Boots, also commonly called a bend relief. These patch cables provide added support to the transition point where a flexible cable connects to a rigid connector or connection point. A properly designed strain relief boot will prevent force applied to the exterior of a cable from being transferred to the electrical terminations within the connector or device which can lead to failure.

    Security Savvy's CAT6 Ethernet Patch Cables are compatible with the following items:

    What's in the Box?

    • Qty 1 - 10ft CAT6 Crossover Ethernet Patch Cable With Snagless Molded Boot