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Dynacom Corporation provides voice & data connectivity solutions to the low-voltage industry throughout North America; we are committed to providing quality, value-rich structured cabling products that ensure contractors' profitability and piece-of-mind. We offer an assortment of networking connectivity products including: telco 66 block backboards, ultra high density patch panels, and rear terminating patch boxes.

From our design facility in California, our engineers develop, innovative products to meet the needs of the ever more competitive cabling industry and conduct rigid performance tests to assure conformity with TIA/EIA standards.

To maximize the efficiency of your network, Dynacom provides the Ultra-High Density Blank Patch Panel. This Dynacom patch panel allows you to customize your network connections while staying organized. With this high density patch panel, you can mix and match fiber optic, Ethernet cable, and telco cable connections into one centralized location. This comes as either a 24 port or 48 port high density patch panel.

Dynacom offers a selection of telco 66 block backboards like the 66 Block Backboard, Full, Wood. This wood 66 block backboard is designed to support eight telco 66 wiring blocks in a four by two configuration. The wooden backboard is ½” thick and comes in seven different colors.

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CAT 6 Tower Mount Field Termination Kits
Price: $213.90-$618.70
Availability: Call For Shipping
Item #: PP7-45##/### -


    • Includes Wiring Blocks, Connecting Clips, Labels, and Label Holders
    • Cable access openings allow cables to be routed through wiring blocks directly to point of termination.
    • Wiring blocks available with or without detachable legs which can be removed during or after termination.
    • Field terminated patch plugs allow custom length patch cords to be assembled in the field.
    • High definition color coding and tip and ring designation make conductor placement and termination simple.
    • Rack Mountable and Provides a reliable, cost-effective, front terminated solution.
    • Total interoperability with existing 110 systems.
    • Flexible solution consisting of 96, 192, and 288-pair wiring blocks, 3, 4 and 5 Connecting Clips, and a complete line of accessories.
    • Verified to exceed TIA-568-C.2 Category 6 Component specifications.z,liz.Connecting Blocks Material: Polycarbonate UL 94V-0.
    • Contact material: Phosphor bronze.
    • Contact plating: Lead-free Tin.
    • Conductor type: Solid or stranded (7).
    • Conductor: Solid or stranded 26-22 AWG.
    • Wiring Blocks Material: Polycarbonate UL 94V-0.
    • Conductor: Solid or stranded 26-22 AWG.
    • UL and cUL Listed.
    66 Block, 50-Pair Block w/ Voice Jacks
    Price: $57.50-$67.00
    Availability: Min. Qty. Order
    Item #: PP7-####-RJ## -


      • Voice Grade
      • 50-Pair Blocks
      • USOC Wired
      • 66BM06-4 - Six 8-Conductor RJ45 Jacks (for four lines per drop)
      • 66BM08-3 - Eight 6-Conductor RJ11 Jacks (for three lines per drop)
      • 66BM12-2 - Twelve 4-Conductor RJ11 Jacks (for two lines per drop)
      66 Block w/ `Hydra Cable (RJ45)
      Price: $53.00
      Availability: Min. Qty. Order
      Item #: NPNB-66DS2-7 -

        Pre-Wired 66 Block Features:

        • Voice Grade
        • 7' Long 'Hydra' Cable
        • Terminated with Six RJ45 Plugs
        • Ideal for Cross Connecting PBX Systems
        • USOC Wired
        Network Rack, Wall Mount Enclosure, Cabinet Back
        Price: $36.80-$78.69
        Availability: Min. Qty. Order
        Item #: RC-58##-##B -

          Network Rack Features:

          • Elegant and Practical
          • 'Below the Surface' Body Simplifies Drywall Finishing
          • Bezeled Door Hides Drywall Seams and Protects Walls (Door Not Included)
          • Built-in Latch
          • Accepts Standard 1" x 6" Modules
          • Power Box Knockout
          • Integrated Tie-wrap Anchors
          • All Steel Construction
          • Powder Coat Finish
          4-Line x 8-Location Voice Master Module w/ RJ31X
          Price: $15.22
          Availability: In Stock
          Item #: RC-3606-VH8 -

            Voice Distribution Features:

            • Distributes 4 Voice Lines to 8 Different Locations
            • One RJ31X Security Jack
            • One 110-Style Input
            • One RJ11 Expansion Jack
            2-Line x 8-Location Voice Expansion Module
            Price: $14.25
            Availability: Min. Qty. Order
            Item #: RC-3633-VHE8 -

              Expansion Module Features:

              • Distributes 4 Voice Lines to 8 Different Locations
              • Two RJ11 Input/Expansion Jacks
              2-Channel x 8-Location Passive Audio Hub
              Price: $16.54
              Availability: Min. Qty. Order
              Item #: RC-3634-AH8 -


                • Distribute 2 Channel Audio Signals to 8 Locations
                • Detachable Plugs for Easy Wiring
                Universal Mounting Bracket
                Price: $6.11
                Availability: Min. Qty. Order
                Item #: RC-3635-MB -


                  • Mount Practically Anything
                  • Hook and loop Strap
                  • Steel Construction
                  Integrated Voice & Data Wall Plate
                  Price: $5.80-$6.86
                  Availability: Min. Qty. Order
                  Item #: WP7-####-XX -


                    • All-in-One Voice & Data Wall Plate
                    • Satin Finish
                    • Painted Combo Screws Included
                    • Flame Retardant UL 94V-0 Rated Plastic
                    CAT 6 110 Wiring Blocks w/ Legs, Wall Mount
                    Price: $7.36-$40.90
                    Availability: Min. Qty. Order
                    Item #: PP7-116#/XX -


                      • Wall Mountable
                      • Includes Label Strips and Holders
                      • Connecting Clips Sold Separately
                      • Available in 48, 96 and 288-Pair
                      Surface Mount Mini Cabinet with Voice, Data & Video
                      Price: $52.26-$54.40
                      Availability: Min. Qty. Order
                      Item #: NPNB-860-PA-## -


                        • Ideal for Multi-Dwelling Units
                        • Available in CAT5E and CAT6 Data Options
                        • Includes 6 x Voice, 8 x Data & 4 x 2-GHz Video Splitter
                        • ABS Plastic Construction for Cost Effienciency
                        • Detachable Cover - No Tools Required
                        • Mounts Directly on Flat Surface