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Founded in 1983, Optical Cable Corporation (OCC®) was among the first companies to realize the potential of fiber optics through designing and manufacturing some of the most reliable, rugged and innovative cable products in the world. The U.S. Military needed an extremely strong, lightweight, rugged, and survivable fiber optic cable, able to efficiently transmit previously unprecedented volumes of data in the field. OCC and its engineers were at the forefront of the development of the tight-buffered, tight-bound cable technology that met these criteria.

The result: cables that were easy to deploy and performed under the harshest of conditions. OCC's success in the battlefield provided a foundation for the creation of a broad fiber optic cable offering built on the evolution of their technologies.

It also allowed opportunities to expand their product offerings beyond fiber optic cabling.

OCC has evolved into a world-class provider of a complete line of fiber optic and and connectivity products to a broad customer base. While our heritage started with military, our expertise now extends in to the enterprise, broadcast, industrial, harsh environment, and various specialty markets, and reaches worldwide through our network of distributors with customers in more than 70 countries.

Security Savvy carries a wide selection of OCC fiber optic cable for: aerial, direct burial, long distance, short distance, and for harsh environments. We even offer military tactical cable in single mode, multimode, and OM1-OM3 in both distribution and breakout versions. This kind of OCC fiber optic cable is intended for outdoor usage where both deployment and retrieval for reuse is necessary.

OCC fiber optic cable for military tactical breakout applications is a fanout cable with several jacketed simplex optical fibers packaged together inside an outer jacket. Breakout OCC fiber optic cable is extremely strong, durable, and lightweight. They come pre-terminated with single fiber or multichannel connectors and are utilized worldwide.

OCC fiber optic cable for military tactical distribution comes in as few as two strands and with as many as 24 strands. The military tactical fiber Security Savvy provides is resilient with a thick layer of aramid strength material. It is chemical resistant, making Mil-Tac OCC fiber optic cable safe to use in severe environments.

Security Savvy also offers OCC fiber optic cable for armored indoor distribution plenum and riser applications. This cable has aluminum interlocking armor eliminating the necessity for conduit, which saves money on installation. Armored OCC fiber optic cable is more flexible than standard corrugated steel armored cables.

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3G Cellular Distribution System
Price: $18,750.00
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Item #: CDS3G-50-4D -


    • Improves cell service in buildings where service is poor and nonexistent but is good at a nearby outside location
    • Simultaneously supports provider bands at 1840-1990 MHz, and d824-896 MHz
    • Easy to install - no software configuration
    • One external low-profile dual-band omnidirectional 3dBi gain antenna, four (4) internal omnidirectional broadband ceiling-mount dome antennas
    • Utilizes low-loss coaxial cable to distribute cellular provider signals throughout a building.
    • Requires minimum -70 dBm cellular service provider signal at the external antenna location.
    • 7 RU form factor


    • Coverage for up to 80,000 square feet, open space; 40,000 square feet walled space (Dependent on outdoor signal strength of donor antenna location, cable lengths and building materials)
    • Standards supported: CDMA / WCDMA, GSM, EDGE, TDMA, AMP, etc.
    • Manufacturing buildings
    • Offic facilities
    • Retail stores
    • Metal building structures
    • Campus dorms
    • Building basements and below surface structures
    • Hospital departments
    • Parking structures