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Rubber Cable Tie Mounts

Rubber CCTV Cable Tie Mounts

Rubber cable tie mounts with nylon cable ties are used to fasten CCTV security cables along walls and ceilings. This keeps CCTV cable safe and out of the way. Utilizing such cable management devices minimizes clutter in the workplace, prevents damage to cable, and also prevents tampering with CCTV devices.

Security Savvy provides rubber cable tie mounts based on a rubber adhesive and a patented stay-n-place tab. Its tab prevents the cable tie head from sliding down during vertical applications. It will support light weight cable bundles when applied on clean, smooth surfaces.

The Rubber Adhesive Cable Tie Mount, Black includes 100 rubber cable tie mounts. These are ideal for vertical applications, and the four sided entry and center screw hole saves positioning time. The lead-n-feature funnels cable ties into position, and the countersunk screw hole allows cable tie to easily pass over the screw head. These cable tie mounts are available in two sizes, and also available in a clear, colorless version.

Rubber cable tie mounts have numerous benefits for cable management. Save time without having to cinch many cable ties, utilizing the four sided entry screw holes. It is also easy to insert cable through our rubber cable tie mounts, and they also work with a wide variety of substrates.

Security Savvy stocks hanging cable management solutions as well as the accessories mentioned above. We also offer a wide selection of standard cable cage polypropylene J-hooks, standard steel J-hooks, batwing style J-hooks, and bridle screws.

Another very popular item of ours is the J-Hook, Standard Steel - 3/4" - 4". These steel J-hooks are available in sizes ranging from size 12 to up to size 64. The ¾” J-hook supports up to a dozen pound weight capacity, while the 4” J-hook handles up to 50 pounds. It is an ideal solution for stress free cable support for above suspended ceilings, and below raised floors.

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Rubber Adhesive Tie Mount 100pk Natrual & Black

Price: $10.62-$12.22
Availability: In Stock
Item #: TM-


    • Save Cable Tie Cinching Time with the patented stay-n-place tab that keeps cable tie heads from sliding down behind bundle during vertical applications and maintains placement during horizontal applications
    • Easy Insertion of Cable Ties patented lead-n-feature funnels cable ties into position and countersunk screw hole allows cable tie to easily pass over screw head
    • Saves Positioning Time with the 4 sided entry and center screw hole

    Mounting Pad Adhesive

    • Designed For Poorly Mating Surfaces that require gap filling or bonding unlike substrates
    • No Drip Or Slump Gel ideal for vertical applications
    • Wide Array of Substrates Nylon, Phenolic Materials, Polycarbonate, PVC, ABS, Rubber, Zinc Dichromate, Aluminum, Degreased Steel, Powder Coated Substrates.