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KVM Console

KVM Consoles for Server Rack Centers

The KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) console is an interface allowing connection to a server rack center when multiple servers are placed in a single rack. Security Savvy provides KVM consoles which include an LCD monitor, a keyboard, and a touch pad that’s easy to use and operating system independent.

KVM consoles are usually implemented with switches so that a single console can interface with multiple PCs or servers. They come in single port, 8 port, and 16 port configurations so you can decide based on the number of servers being controlled by the KVM console. Units with few ports are sustained by an internal power supply, so no extra outside power is required.

For a single port configuration, Security Savvy offers the KVM Console, Rackmount LCD, 1 Port, 1U, 16" Depth. It accommodates a standardized 19” 1U server rack with a 15.6” LCD monitor, an 86 key keyboard and an integrated touch pad. It has a built in rail self-locking device and is not operating system dependent. Measuring only 16 inches, this KVM console is a very short depth unit.

If your server network requires multiple connections through a single interface, Security Savvy also offers the KVM Console, Rackmount LCD, 8 Port, 1U, 16" Depth. This KVM console has a 15.6” widescreen LCD, an 86 key keyboard, and an integrated touch pad. It provides hotkey commands for switching between computer ports, and has an access control list security function. It will store up to eight different user accounts.

This KVM console can be connected and disconnected from computers without powering down. This unit fits within a standardized 19” rack mount system.

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Network Rack, KVM Console LCD, 16 Port, 1U, 22.9" Depth

Price: $1,371.99
Availability: In Stock
Item #: NPNB- KVM-19E16


    • 19" 1U Rackmount 16 ports KVM Console LCD Monitor
    • 103-key keyboard and integrated Touch Pad
    • Built-in Rail Self-locking device
    • Support combo (PS/2 & USB) interface for connecting to computer ports conveniently
    • One optional remote console
    • Support Daisy chain (8-layer) & Cascade (2-layer) function
    • No Software Required --- easy computer selection via On Screen Display (OSD) Menu, Push Buttons, and Hotkeys
    • Provide various Hotkey (Scroll-Lock/ Cap-Lock/ Num-Lock/ L-Alt/ L-Ctrl/ L-Win/ R-Alt/ R-Ctrl/ R-Win) for switching computer port and other control functions, so Hotkey function can be used in various types of keyboards, and to avoid Hotkey duplicate problem
    • Operating system independent, transparent to all applications
    • Provide ACL (Access Control List) security function. Store up to 8 independent user accounts
    • Hot Plug --- add or remove connected computers without powering off the LCD Drawer
    • Support two user layers, and search computer/server name
    • Keyboard status restored when switching computer
    • Standard 19 inches rack mounting design