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Tone and Probe

Alarm Tone Generators and Cable Testers

This section includes alarm tone generators and cable testers designed for verifying security cable. Tone and probe kits function with both active and inactive cable runs, and can be used to map devices on a network.

The Network Cable Tester, LAN Tone & Probe Tracing Kit is ideal for data, telco, security, audio, and CATV wiring. The alarm tone generator sends a tone while blinking hub, switch port, and PC activity lights for quick identification. It has two tone outputs for multiple line identification, continuity testing, polarity indication, and eight position modular breakout tabs.

Security Savvy also provides the Network Cable Tester, Multi-Filter Tone Probe from Greenlee. This alarm cable tester is easy to use with one-handed, single button, battery powered operation. It traces wires within a group without damaging insulation. The digital signal processor of this alarm cable tester provides fast and accurate pair tracing, and the unit is durable and lightweight.

Make sure you have all the necessary Networking Tools before your next cable installation or maintenance project. Cable cutters, strippers, crimpers… Security Savvy has it all! We offer a wide selection of precise, durable tools to help you get the job done on time and under budget.

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BNC Adapter Kit for 4Mapper™ Coax Cable Tester

Price: $11.36
Availability: In Stock
Item #: NPNB-T103C


    • Five BNC connector adapters for the 4Mapper cable tester
    • Allows you to test up to four coaxial cables at the same time
    • Ideal for testing coax for security and home theater applications
    F Remote Kit for 4Mapper™ Coax Cable Tester

    Price: $11.36
    Availability: Call For Shipping
    Item #: TL4-5757


      • Four Custom F Remotes for the 4Mapper™ Cable Tester
      • One F Female to Female Adapter
      • Holster for Storage
      • Allows you to Test up to Four Coaxial Cables at the Same Time
      • Ideal for Testing Coax for Security and Home Theater Applications
      3.5" IP/TVI/Analog Camera Service Monitor

      Price: $442.95
      Availability: Made to Order
      Item #: NPNB-NTH-IP35TM


        • 3.5” Capacitive Touch Screen Display (480x320 Res.)
        • Compatible with IP, HD-TVI & 960H Analog Cameras
        • Touch Screen OSD & Key Controllable
        • Supports ONVIF IP Camera Testing
        • Pass-Through POE for Powering IP Cameras
        • Built-in Wi-Fi for IP Camera Testing / Browser
        • POE Voltage Measurement & Cable Status
        • Supports 1080p HD Video & MKV Media Files
        • More than 70 Customized IP Camera Protocols
        • PING Test, IP Address Scan & Port Finder
        • BNC Input for HD-TVI Camera Testing
        • UTC Compatible with HD-TVI Cameras
        • BNC In/Output for Standard Analog/PTZ Testing
        • Analog Color Bar Generator for Image Testing
        • Supports RS485 for PTZ Control
        • Video Recording & Snapshot to SD Card
        • Included 4GB Micro-SD, Supports up to 32GB
        • Built-in 3.5mm Audio Input Jack
        • 8-Hour Lithium Ion Polymer Battery
        • 12 Volt DC, 1-Amp Output for Powering Cameras
        • LED Lamp, Calculator, Notepad & Other App Tools
        Coax Cable Tester

        Price: $41.95
        Availability: In Stock
        Item #: TL4-2159


          • EZ 1-button design
          • Displays pass, open, and short conditions
          • Integrated tone generator
          • Automatic power off
          • Line voltage warning LED
          • Flashing low battery LED
          • Ultra bright LED, easy to read in daylight
          • Includes 4 custom F remotes
          • Small, compact, it fits in the palm of your hand
          • Long battery life
          • Made in the USA
          Professional Tone and Probe Kit, Alligator Clips

          Price: $104.21-$121.06
          Availability: In Stock
          Item #: NPNB-TG21##


            • ToneMaster™
              • 700% more power than standard tone generators
              • Unbalanced tone mode supports longer distances on UTP cables
              • Constant amplitude output ensures no signal decrease as battery discharges
              • Auto-off for battery conservation
              • Full talk battery to power a dry line
              • Tone may be added in any mode – phone sets without a monitor feature can pick up tone
              • Models available with molded-in alligator clips or molded-in angled bed-of-nails (ABN) clips

            • ToneSeeker™
              • Comfortable ergonomic shape, balanced weight
              • Volume control
              • Recessed on switch
              • Tip replacement without opening case
              • Low battery indicator
              • Slender profile to fit any tool pouch
              • Lanyard attachment point