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MIG+ CAT6 Punch Down Keystone Jacks

Need to beef up your high speed network? Security Savvy has the connectivity solutions to maintain Category 6 speeds. The MIG+ line of CAT6 punch down keystone jacks are our flagship brand of premium quality jacks. They are manufactured of superior quality materials to attain or exceed industry standards for Ethernet networking.

Benefits of CAT6 MIG+ Punch Down Keystone Jacks:

  • Lead Solder-less Construction: Clean, reliable, long lasting
  • Fire Retardant Housing: Prevents burning and spread of fire
  • Gold Plated Contacts: RJ45 contacts are gold plated to improve conductivity of signal
  • Phosphor Bronze IDC Contacts: Resists corrosion and wear
  • Meets and Exceeds Industry Standards

The CAT6 Punch Down Keystone Jack, Unshielded MIG+ is made with gold plated RJ45 contacts improving signal strength. It has a fire retardant plastic housing and manufactured with press fit technology to improve reliability. This CAT6 high density punch down keystone jack has easy to read wiring labels promoting efficient installation. Its small form factor makes these CAT6 punch down keystone jacks ideal for high density networking. They are available in up to eleven different colors.

Got cable? Security Savvy supplies CAT6 Ethernet Cable for just about any type of networking project whether it be indoor, outdoor, riser, or plenum. Our Ethernet cable adheres to the highest standards in the industry for cable networking. We also supply shielded CAT6 cable for installation in electrically sensitive areas.

Our CAT6 high density punch down keystone jacks are also compatible with Security Savvy’s selection of Wall Plates. These wall plates come in white, ivory, almond, and black colors, and are available in a both ceramic and metallic finishes. From single port to twelve ports, Security Savvy has everything you need.

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MIG6+ High Density CAT6 Keystone Jack RJ45 8x8 90° IDC Contacts

Price: $3.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: K62-MIG+

    MIG+ High Density CAT6 Keystone Jacks Features:

    • CAT6 Performance Speeds of up to 600 MHz
    • 8 Pin x 8 Conductor for Streamlined Connection
    • High-Density, Slim Profile
    • Fire Retardant Housing
    • Press-Fit Technology Ensures the Reliability of the Connector, and the Durability of the Housing
    • Press-Fit Technology Provides "Gas-Tight" Electrical Connections
    • Gold-Plated Nickel Contacts Provide Corrosion Resistance and Signal Conductivity
    • Easy to Read Wiring Label to Facilitate Installation
    • Meticulously Engineered to Deliver Exceptional Performance While Streamlining Installations
    • Small Form-Factor for High-Density Installations
    • Phosphor Bronze IDC Contacts Ensure Excellent Conductivity, Durability, and Outstanding Resistance Against Wear or Corrosion
    • Fire Retardant Plastic Housing Provides Additional Protection Against the Elements
    • Compatible with the Jack Rapid Tool
    • Innovative Jack Design Keeps Pairs Together to Streamline the Installation Process
    • Meets and Exceeds EIA/TIA Standards
    • UL Compliant
    • ETL Verified
    • Available in a Wide Array of Colors