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BNC Connectors for Coax Cables

BNC Connectors for Coax Cables

The industry standard for CCTV video networking, the BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) coaxial connector consists of two bayonet lugs on the female connector. It is connected by a simple quarter turn of the coupling nut. It is frequently used for radio frequency and television applications with coaxial cable. We offer 75 ohm BNC coaxial connectors for CCTV/CATV applications up to 2GHz. frequencies. They can be utilized with both RG59 and RG6 coaxial cable.

Security cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and monitors have female BNC video inputs and outputs on them. The coax cable requires a male BNC connector on each end to hook up such media devices. BNC coaxial connectors come in both crimp-on and twist-on versions. The BNC RG59 Compression Connector installs quickly and easily with true 360 degree radial compression.

Manufactured from precision machined annealed brass with anti-corrosion nickel plated finish, this BNC coaxial connector is popular among CCTV installers. It has a Delrin insulator and an integral beryllium copper and gold plated contact. This BNC coaxial connector is also waterproof, and takes the guesswork out of installation.

When working with standard and Siamese RG59 coaxial cable, the BNC Connector, Pro Snap N Seal™ RG59 Universal, Red Ring yields solid connections. The Pro Snap N Seal™ BNC coaxial connector from Belden features a non-blind cable entry system for ease of use, fits both standard and quad shield coax, and meets all SCTE standards. The floating pin basket design makes cable insertion easy and accurate.

Got the right tool? Security Savvy has Coax Crimping Tools to get the job done.

Security Savvy offers a wide variety of security products to upgrade your surveillance network. We have RG59 Siamese Coaxial Cable, Direct Burial. This 20 AWG diameter coax cable features a solid bare copper conductor surrounded by a 95% bare copper braid shield. It is ideal for CATV-MATV, CCTV, and radio frequency applications.

This coax is particularly useful for security cameras, since one cable carries the data signal while the unshielded 18 AWG cable powers the unit. Our BNC coaxial connectors are generally compatible with RG59 coaxial cable. Whatever your requirements are, Security Savvy has got you covered! We’ve got everything from coaxial cable, connectors, and crimping tools.

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Price: $1.19
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Item #: CN3-4144-BNC


    • RG59
    • RG62
    BNC RG59 Compression Connector connector, bnc connector, bnc adapter, coaxial connector, crimp connector, coax connector, bnc connectors, coaxial cable connector, coax cable connector, bnc male

    Retail: $2.99
    Price: $2.05
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: CN3-2265-BNC


      • Commercial grade BNC compression connectors
      • Compatible with RG59 coaxial cable
      • 360 degree true radial compression
      • No guesswork involved
      • Waterproof
      BNC Male Crimp-on Connector 3-Pc For RG59

      Retail: $2.99
      Price: $0.60
      Availability: In Stock
      Item #: CN3-2149-BNC
        BNC Male Compression Seal Connector for 75Ohm RG59/U 20AWG CM/CMP Cables

        Price: $3.11
        Availability: In Stock
        Item #: CN3-2087-BNC


          • 75Ohm impedance
          • Fits 20AWG RG59 CM and CMP cable
          • Brass body with nickel plating
          • Gold plated brass contact
          • Delrin insulator
          • Silicon rubber gasket seal
          • Coupling retention: 80lbs.
          • Cable retention: 40lbs.
          BNC RG59 Pro Snap N Seal™ Connector, Universal Red Ring

          Price: $5.07
          Availability: In Stock
          Item #: CN3-4937-59

            Pro Snap N Seal™ RG59 Universal BNC Connector, for Standard and Siamese RG59, Red Ring

            • RG59 BNC compression connector featuring TRUE 360° compression, providing superior RF shielding.
            • NiTin finish and UV resistant plastic make this an environmentally sound and durable product.
            • Fits standard shield & quad shield.
            • Non-blind cable entry for easy cable insertion.
            • Plastic compression sleeve provides the industry's lowest handle compression force.
            • 75 Ohm Impedance
            • Meets or exceeds all SCTE standards.
            Coaxial BNC Cable Connector, with Universal Male Hex Crimp-On Style. Used with RG59, RG6, RG11 Coax Cables.

            Price: $2.26
            Availability: In Stock
            Item #: CN3-2086-BNC


              • BNC Male Crimp-On Style
              • Male Single Hex Crimp
              • Works with RG59/U Mini, RG59, RG6,RG11, LMR240
              • Works with 75 Ohm Cables
              • Used for Surveillance Camera System and CCTV Wiring
              BNC Connector, BNC Double Female Inline Coupler

              Price: $0.49
              Availability: In Stock
              Item #: CN3-2266-BNC/IC


                • Safely Connects Two Male BNC Connectors
                • Ensures a Reliable Connection to Extend Coaxial Cable
                BNC Connector, Gold SealSmart RG59 Coaxial Compression Connector

                Price: $62.25
                Availability: In Stock
                Item #: NPNB-18030


                  • Molded in gasket provides a weather tight seal at cable entry.
                  • Single crimp termination with captive center contact design.
                  • Universal crimp tool terminates all three SealSmart™ Connector designs.