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Security Alarm Crimping tools

Coax Crimp Tool

Coax crimp tools provide an alternative to soldering when maintaining security networks. They compress, indent, and make a tight connection between the coaxial cable and the connector. Security Savvy’s professional grade coax crimp tools offer reliable, consistent terminations that save you time and money.

The Coax Compression Crimping Tool, RG11/7/6/59 Standard F Type is designed for the CATV installer. The patented rotating head of the coax crimp tool allows for quick changes between RG11/7 and RG59/6 with no adjustments required. Crimp height is fixed for most other brands of compression connectors with similar compression length.

Another popular option is the SealSmart Compression Crimp Tool, for quick, reliable terminations. It is the perfect solution for CATV, CCTV, DSS, security, and residential structured wiring projects. Adapters are included with this coax crimp tool for working with F, RCA, and BNC connectors. The straight action mechanism on this coax crimp tool provides 360° uniform compression.

Be sure to come prepared to your next CCTV, security installation or maintenance project. Stock up on our Coax Connectors, we have BNC, F, and RCA connectors for coaxial cable.

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Coax Crimp Tool, 9" Ergo Crimp Tool - Handle Only

Price: $41.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: NPNB-16500C


    • Reduced handle grip distance makes it ideal for all hand sizes and allows for prolonged, comfortable use
    • Smooth triple ratchet design eliminates breakover hand force
    • Adjustable cam allows precision ratchet adjustment for a perfect crimp, no matter the die set or application
    • Accepts crimp die sets from most other popular tools. Your old crimping dies will work!
    • Built-in safety release
    RG11/6 Standard F Type, Compression Crimp Tool

    Price: $49.95
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: TL2-1981


      • Patented rotating connector positioner allows for quick change between RG11/7 and RG59/6 with no adjustments required
      • Easy to use
      • Molded cushioned handle
      • High carbon tool steel frame
      • Black oxide rust resistant finish


      • For crimping F type compression fittings on RG 6, 59, 7, and 11
      • For crimping SealSmart F connectors on RG59, 6, 6 quad and 11
      • RG6 Quad, 6, 59 finished crimp length of 1"(approx)
      • RG11, 7 finished crimp length of 1 5/8"(approx)
      SealSmart Compression Crimp Tool

      Price: $44.05
      Availability: In Stock
      Item #: TL2-3026


        • Universal crimping tool terminates F type, RCA & BNC SealSmart connectors
        • Works with RG59, RG6, and RG6 quad shield cables
        • Connector crimping adapters mount in handle for easy storage
        • Adjustable crimp height for use with similar style compression connectors
        • Compatible with connectors of most other manufacturers
        • Straight action mechanism provides 360° uniform compression
        F Connector Coax Compression Tool F Connector compression crimping tool, crimping tool, crimp tool

        Price: $23.95
        Availability: In Stock
        Item #: NPNB-16207C


          • Crimps compression F connectors only
          • Small compact design, 5 1/2" long
          • Great for working in tight spaces
          • Crimps RG6 Quad, RG6 and RG59
          Open Barrel Contact Crimp Tool

          Price: $26.35
          Availability: In Stock
          Item #: TL2-6218


            • Precision ground crimp cavities
            • 22-24 AWG & 18-20 AWG wire range
            • Built in wire cutter
            • Clamshell packaging
            • Compatible with:
              • BNC Universal Male Crimp Connectors for 75 Ohm cables (P/N CN3-2086-BNC)
              • BNC Male 2pc Crimp-on Connectors for RG59 (P/N CN3-2147-BNC)
              • BNC Male Twist on Connectors for RG59/62 (P/N CN3-2148-BNC)
            SealSmart II Compression Crimp Tool

            Price: $29.95
            Availability: In Stock
            Item #: TL2-181


              • Easily terminate F type, BNC and RCA connectors with a single tool
              • Works with RG59, RG6, RG6 Quad, and mini RGB coax cables
              • Compact and light weight design
              • Quickly adjust crimp height for different length connectors
              • Spring loaded, 360 degree cable connector support
              • Built-in F connector assembly port
              • Ergonomic soft grip handle
              SealSmart PROCON Compression Tool

              Price: $66.62
              Availability: In Stock
              Item #: TL2-5392


                • Head rotates to switch from RG6Q/6 to RG11/7
                • Connector positioner rotates to change between F, BNC or RCA
                • Adjustable crimp stroke
                • Accommodates all standard compression F, BNC, RCA & right angle connectors
                • Convenient, easy to use, all-in-one compression tool
                • Guide rule on side of tool
                • High carbon tool steel frame - built to last
                • Comfortable, molded handle