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Networking Media Converter Chassis

Media Converter Chassis

Not only do we stock a superior selection of media converters, Security Savvy also provides media converter chassis. Ours are specifically designed to accommodate our media converters for central power supply, and power cables. The media converter chassis allows you to save space for your server components. Continuous operation is of critical importance for fiber networks, so our media converter chassis are equipped to handle a redundant power supply.

The Media Converter Rackmount Chassis, 14 Slots has two cooling fans installed internally to keep your network components running safely. This extends the lifetime of the media converter while stabilizing performance. The optional redundant power supply ensures non-stop reliable operation. This media converter chassis fits the 19” standardized rack mount height of 2U. It has 14 bays to accommodate up to 14 media converters with hot-swapping capability.

Security Savvy supplies the Secondary Power Supply for Media Converter Chassis to provide the redundant power supply unit for our chassis. This is made specifically to accommodate our 14 slot media converter chassis. This additional power supply unit ensures that your media converters are continuously powered.

A popular single mode media converter Security Savvy offers is the Media Converter, Single Mode, 10KM Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE, SC Connector. This media converter supports transmission distance up to 10km and over-sized data packets up to 1,600 bytes. It has an auto-negotiation function in TP port to detect speed (10/100/1000M) and Duplex Mode (full/half) automatically. This single mode media converter has four transmitting modes and a selectable optical link-loss alarm.

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Media Converter Rackmount Chassis, 14 Slots

Retail: $249.99
Price: $224.99
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Item #: MC-4142/14

    Fiber Media Converter Chassis Features

    • 14 bays/ports can house up to 14 media converters
    • Plug-And-Play media converter installation
    • Standard 19-inch rack-mountable with, 2U height
    • Optional redundant power supply to ensure non-stop reliable operation.
    • Provides hot-swapping of media converters and redundant power supplies
    • Two cooling fans (internal) mounted at the rear panel for system cooling
    • Media converter power isolation for electrical isolation from each bay
    • Offers over-voltage and over-current protections.