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Telco Tools

Telecommunications projects often require a myriad of tools for preparing and then installing cable. Security Savvy is much more than just a cable supplier. We offer the necessary cable crimping and stripping tools installers require. There are both ratchet type, punchdown type, and even hand held crimp tools.

A popular crimping tool offered by Security Savvy is the EZ-RJPRO ™ HD Ratchet Crimp Tool. This crimping tool is the professionals’ choice when working with Cat5e and Cat6 RJ45 connectors. It also works well with EZ-RJ12/RJ11 connectors. This crimping tool functions as a wire cutter, stripper, and crimping tool all in one. The ratcheted straight action crimping motion ensures a uniform crimp every cycle. Features precision cast crimping dies for superior accuracy.

Another common crimping tool is the Adjustable Impact Punch Down Tool. This punchdown tool’s adjustable high/low actuation setting accommodates termination requirements, and it uses the Turn-Lock™ style blade-holding design. The impact absorbing cushioned grip on this crimping tool reduces operator stress for high volume installers. This punchdown tool is ideal for working with 66 and 110 blocks.

Security Savvy even carries a handheld termination tool for CAT3, CAT5, and CAT6 keystone jacks. The easy to use Palm Puck Punch Down Tool allows the installer to hold keystone jacks while terminating them. This punchdown tool provides fast, easy, and reliable termination, and all with minimal effort required. It terminates eight wires and cuts excess wire in one squeeze. This punchdown tool makes the installation proceed as efficiently as possible, while delivering consistent results.

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Big Mouth Tool Bag

Price: $37.02
Availability: In Stock
Item #: NPNB-4006


    • 6 Spacious Interior and Exterior Pockets for Storage
    • Water-Resistant Canvas Construction With Nylon Stitching for Durability
    • Collapses Flat for Storage When Not in Use
    Cable Installation Convenience Pack

    Price: $139.95
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: TL6-3192-Z5


      • Everything an Ethernet installer needs
      • EZ-RJPRO™ HD crimping tool (P/N TL1-2100-ZPRO)
      • 50 EZ-RJ45® connectors (P/N CN1-3002-Z5)
      • Coax & round cable cutter
      • CAT5/6 cable jacket stripper
      • Instruction sheet
      EZ-RJPRO™ Termination Pod Kit

      Price: $299.25
      Availability: In Stock
      Item #: TL6-3907


        • Complete collection of tools to facilitate Ethernet installation and maintenance
        • Simplifies twisted pair terminations
        • Includes CAT5E and CAT6 connectors
        • Cutting, stripping, and crimping tools for Ethernet cable
        Adjustable 66/110 Impact Punch Down Tool w/Blades

        Price: $17.81
        Availability: In Stock
        Item #: TL3-1764


          • Adjustable impact for all your punch down needs.
          • Professional quality spring loaded impact punch down tool
          • For seating wire into terminals
          • For 66-type and 110-type terminal blocks
          • Compatible with all standard keystone wall jacks and patch panels
          • Includes both a double sided 110 and 66 blades
          • Extra blade stores inside the handle
          Ratchet Crimp Tool works with Category 5E, and Category 6 Easy Feed RJ45 Connectors

          Price: $81.99
          Availability: In Stock
          Item #: TL1-6784-Z


            • Crimps and Cuts Extended Wire in Easy Feed RJ45 Connectors in a Single Cycle
            • Works with CAT5E , and CAT6 Easy Feed RJ45 Connectors
            • Compatible with RJ12/11 Connectors (except amp)
            • Prevents Torque Loss During the Crimping Cycle
            • Steel Tool Assembly Provides 360 Degrees of Connector Support During Crimping
            • Clean, Even Cut on Easy Feed RJ45 Extended Conductors
            • Expanded Surface Area on Contact Drivers Delivers Full, Uniform Crimp Force
            • Built in Wire Cutter and Stripper
            Telephone Test Set

            Price: $250.66
            Availability: ARO: 5-7 Days
            Item #: NPNB-T62


              • 60-in cord set with alligator clips, angled bed-of-nails, piercing point and no-fault RJ12 8P8C connector
              • Speaker with fine volume adjustment
              • Noise cancelling microphone
              • Microphone mute with toggle on/off locking feature
              • Soft key menu system
              • Metal spring-loaded belt clip
              • Cushion boot for extra protection
              • Off-hook current and polarity
              • On-hook voltage and polarity
              • On-hook and call waiting Caller ID info
              • Amplified line monitor
              • 8 number stored memory with Alpha/numeric tags
              • Fuel gauge battery condition
              • Continuous polarity indication
              • Caller ID/Call waiting and caller ID error detection
              • Tone and pulse dialing
              • Configurable auto off in all modes
              • Detects and identifies DSL and T1 lines
              • Last number dialed, redialed or received
              • Multilingual (English, French, Spanish)
              • Backlight 0-100% adjustable with on/off option
              Ratchet Wire Crimping Tool

              Retail: $100.00
              Price: $86.95
              Availability: In Stock
              Item #: TL1-2100-ZPRO


                • Crimps and trims extended wire in EZ-RJ45® connectors in a single cycle
                • Crimps and trims EZ-RJ/11 connectors in a single cycle
                • Compatible with all other RJ45, RJ12/11 connectors (except amp)
                • Compatible with shielded EZ-RJ45® CAT5E and CAT6 connectors
                • Zero flex prevents torque loss during the crimping cycle
                • Tool steel die head assembly provides 360 degrees of connector support during crimp
                • Clean, ultra flush trim on the EZ-RJ45® extended conductors
                • Expanded surface area on contact drivers delivers full, uniform crimp force
                • Built in wire cutter and strippers
                • Clamshell packaging
                PT Punch Down Tool

                Price: $22.50-$41.50
                Availability: In Stock
                Item #: NPNB-13300#


                  • Bayonet style (twist & lock) blade retention socket is compatible with industry standard tools and blades
                  • Adjustable Hi-Lo force impact settings are precisely controlled to meet the industry standard 8762D spec.
                  • 110, 66, 630, Krone and BIX™ style interchangeable blades available
                  • Built in hook feeds or removes wires
                  • Built in spudger for screwdriver, IDC insert tool to clean debris
                  • Color coded yellow on the CUT side per industry standard
                  • Precision controlled impact force settings
                  • Large blade storage compartment
                  • Clamshell packaging
                  Non-Impact Punch Down Tool, 110 EZ-Data Cut Blade

                  Price: $21.68
                  Availability: In Stock
                  Item #: TL3-5723


                    • Lower cost, replace just the cutting knife
                    • Faster, cleaner terminations
                    • Use on 110 style keystone blocks & jacks
                    • Clamshell packaging
                    Punch Down Extension Tool

                    Price: $18.85
                    Availability: In Stock
                    Item #: TL3-1767


                      • Use in enclosures with stacked or layered modules.
                      • Use in tight/over-crowded work areas.
                      • Compatible with all industry standard tools using the Bayonet style (twist & lock) blade retention socket.
                      • Clamshell packaging.
                      Punch Down Tool - Yellow/Gray

                      Price: $33.50-$58.00
                      Availability: In Stock
                      Item #: NPNB-13000-8C


                        • Use to Terminate and Trim Wires in 66 and 110 Style Cross Connect Blocks
                        • Use to Terminate and Trim Wires in 110 & 630 Style Wall Jack Modules
                        Tele-Titan™ Modular Plug Crimp Tool, for RJ45 (8x8), RJ12 (6x6), RJ11 (6x4), Solid/Stranded

                        Price: $34.95
                        Availability: In Stock
                        Item #: TL1-4449-T


                          • Crimps with minimal hand force
                          • Crimps RJ45 (8x8) RJ12 (6x6), RJ11 (6x4), standard style modular plugs – solid or stranded
                          • Uses true parallel vertical crimp force for precise termination
                          • Precisely seats, or terminates, all pins to industry specified crimp heights
                          • “Gun safety lock-style” design
                          • Built-in cable cutter and strippers for round & flat cables
                          • Easily adjust and control depth of the blade when stripping CAT 5E/6 cables
                          • Built for professional use and reliability
                          • S45C carbon steel frame
                          • Rust resistant black oxide finish

                          For use with WE/SS standard style modular plug connectors, stranded & solid.

                          NOTE: not for use with AMP/TYCO style plugs.