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Got tools? Installing and maintaining CCTV surveillance systems generally requires working with coaxial cable. Make sure you come prepared with all the necessary security tools like cable cutting, stripping, crimping, and testing tools. Everything we provide is durable and designed to withstand long term, repeated usage, all while delivering consistent results.

A popular choice for security CCTV installers is the 22-in-1 Security Screwdriver Kit. This set of security tools includes a comprehensive selection of security screwdriver bits including Phillips, Torx®, and Robertson bits. Featuring a non-slip comfort grip handle with a high impact plastic core, this security screwdriver enables access into recessed screws up to 5 inches deep.

This set of security tools is not only compatible with hex and torx screws, but also works with standard Phillips and slotted screws.

Security Savvy supplies crimping tools made for CCTV and CATV installers working with coax cable. The Coax Compression Crimping Tool, RG11/7/6/59 Standard F Type has a patented rotating head allowing quick changes between RG11/7 and RG59/6 with no adjustments required. It is highly efficient and easy to use with its molded cushioned handle. The black oxide finish prevents oxidation, and the high carbon tool steel frame is durable for years of use.

Security Savvy also provides security tools sold as kits like the Coaxial Cable Termination Tool Kit. This kit of security tools includes coaxial cable cutters, strippers, and a crimping tool for working with RG59 and RG6 cable. The professionals’ choice when working on CCTV and CATV, this kit of security tools features the SealSmart crimping tool and a selection of connectors.

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Coax Crimp Tool, 9" Ergo Crimp Tool - Handle Only

Price: $41.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: NPNB-16500C


    • Reduced handle grip distance makes it ideal for all hand sizes and allows for prolonged, comfortable use
    • Smooth triple ratchet design eliminates breakover hand force
    • Adjustable cam allows precision ratchet adjustment for a perfect crimp, no matter the die set or application
    • Accepts crimp die sets from most other popular tools. Your old crimping dies will work!
    • Built-in safety release
    BNC Adapter Kit for 4Mapper™ Coax Cable Tester

    Price: $11.36
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: NPNB-T103C


      • Five BNC connector adapters for the 4Mapper cable tester
      • Allows you to test up to four coaxial cables at the same time
      • Ideal for testing coax for security and home theater applications
      RG11/6 Standard F Type, Compression Crimp Tool

      Price: $49.95
      Availability: In Stock
      Item #: TL2-1981


        • Patented rotating connector positioner allows for quick change between RG11/7 and RG59/6 with no adjustments required
        • Easy to use
        • Molded cushioned handle
        • High carbon tool steel frame
        • Black oxide rust resistant finish


        • For crimping F type compression fittings on RG 6, 59, 7, and 11
        • For crimping SealSmart F connectors on RG59, 6, 6 quad and 11
        • RG6 Quad, 6, 59 finished crimp length of 1"(approx)
        • RG11, 7 finished crimp length of 1 5/8"(approx)
        F Remote Kit for 4Mapper™ Coax Cable Tester

        Price: $11.36
        Availability: Call For Shipping
        Item #: TL4-5757


          • Four Custom F Remotes for the 4Mapper™ Cable Tester
          • One F Female to Female Adapter
          • Holster for Storage
          • Allows you to Test up to Four Coaxial Cables at the Same Time
          • Ideal for Testing Coax for Security and Home Theater Applications
          SealSmart Compression Crimp Tool

          Price: $44.05
          Availability: In Stock
          Item #: TL2-3026


            • Universal crimping tool terminates F type, RCA & BNC SealSmart connectors
            • Works with RG59, RG6, and RG6 quad shield cables
            • Connector crimping adapters mount in handle for easy storage
            • Adjustable crimp height for use with similar style compression connectors
            • Compatible with connectors of most other manufacturers
            • Straight action mechanism provides 360° uniform compression
            Coaxial Cable Stripper For RG58, RG59, RG62 and RG6

            Price: $14.65
            Availability: In Stock
            Item #: TL5-15030-32C


              • The V-block can be reversed, and the indication arrow ">" indicates the (RG) cable size
              • Stripper distance can be changed if user moves one of the stripping blades
              • Adjustable stripping depth for different types of insulation
              • Uses drop-in replacement blades, no cassettes required
              • Stripping the coaxial jacket and inner conductor in one operation is done by rotating the stripper clock-wise 3-6 times
              • Easy and effective tool
              • For stripping different cable materials use the built-in hex key to align the correct socket and adjust the blade for best results
              • Wire stripper used for stripping RG58, RG59, RG62, RG6, and mini coax cables
              • Fixed 2-blade construction
              3.5" IP/TVI/Analog Camera Service Monitor

              Price: $442.95
              Availability: Made to Order
              Item #: NPNB-NTH-IP35TM


                • 3.5” Capacitive Touch Screen Display (480x320 Res.)
                • Compatible with IP, HD-TVI & 960H Analog Cameras
                • Touch Screen OSD & Key Controllable
                • Supports ONVIF IP Camera Testing
                • Pass-Through POE for Powering IP Cameras
                • Built-in Wi-Fi for IP Camera Testing / Browser
                • POE Voltage Measurement & Cable Status
                • Supports 1080p HD Video & MKV Media Files
                • More than 70 Customized IP Camera Protocols
                • PING Test, IP Address Scan & Port Finder
                • BNC Input for HD-TVI Camera Testing
                • UTC Compatible with HD-TVI Cameras
                • BNC In/Output for Standard Analog/PTZ Testing
                • Analog Color Bar Generator for Image Testing
                • Supports RS485 for PTZ Control
                • Video Recording & Snapshot to SD Card
                • Included 4GB Micro-SD, Supports up to 32GB
                • Built-in 3.5mm Audio Input Jack
                • 8-Hour Lithium Ion Polymer Battery
                • 12 Volt DC, 1-Amp Output for Powering Cameras
                • LED Lamp, Calculator, Notepad & Other App Tools
                Coax Cable Tester

                Price: $41.95
                Availability: In Stock
                Item #: TL4-2159


                  • EZ 1-button design
                  • Displays pass, open, and short conditions
                  • Integrated tone generator
                  • Automatic power off
                  • Line voltage warning LED
                  • Flashing low battery LED
                  • Ultra bright LED, easy to read in daylight
                  • Includes 4 custom F remotes
                  • Small, compact, it fits in the palm of your hand
                  • Long battery life
                  • Made in the USA
                  Premier Series RG59 CATV Connectivity Kit

                  Price: $77.22
                  Availability: In Stock
                  Item #: TL6-1529


                    • Coax cutter, stripper, and crimping tool for RG59 cable
                    • A balanced mix of coax tools for CCTV installation, maintenance, and repair
                    PRO HD Twisted Pair & Coaxial Kit

                    Price: $270.90
                    Availability: In Stock
                    Item #: TL6-2181


                      • For CCTV and Ethernet technicians
                      • Contains cable cutters, strippers, and crimping tools
                      • Includes a durable nylon carrying case
                      SealSmart CCTV Compression Coax Kit

                      Price: $118.65
                      Availability: In Stock
                      Item #: NPNB-90137


                        • Ideal for the CCTV maintenance technician or installer
                        • Includes coax cable cutting, stripping, and crimping tools
                        • For working with RG59 coaxial cable
                        • Includes BNC connectors for RG59