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Unitag cable identification labels provide a quick and easy method of clearly labeling cable groups. They can be positioned to be easy to read on cables in hard to reach areas. That makes the Unitag cable label ideal for cables situated behind computer desks or in crowded wiring closets. The writing surface of the unitag can be rotated 360 degrees for easy viewing.

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5/8" x 2" Unitag Cable Label 40 Pack, Assorted Colors, Made in USA

Price: $24.32
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Item #: CT-4192-40FC


    • Unitag Cable Labels are durable, constructed from superior high-quality material
    • Cable identification labels developed to provide a quick, easy method to clearly label virtually any type or size cable or groups of cables.
    • The labels can be oriented to be easily read in hard to reach areas, behind computer desks and crowded wiring closets. The marking surface can be rotated 360° for easy viewing.
    • Interchangeable and reusable.
    • Marking pen can be used directly on the surface or a label machine can be used.
    • Saves time when troubleshooting networks.
    • Made In The U.S.A