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Portable Server Racks & SOHO Racks

Make the most of your limited networking space with one of Security Savvy’s portable server racks or SOHO racks. Sleek and robust, our portable server racks are designed to accommodate the small home or business office where space is at a premium. These small server enclosures easily rolls under a desk or squeezes into a closet where full size network racks cannot.

Ever compact and versatile, the Network Rack, SOHO Server Enclosures come in 8U and 12U sizes, both with and without doors. It is the economical solution for the small business office or IT professional. This portable server rack includes casters and one 78 cfm fan. You can also remove the casters for a desktop SOHO rack solution. It also has locking lift off front and rear mesh doors.

Security Savvy offers complete networking options for your home or small business data network. Our Blank Patch Panel, High Density Patch Panel 16 Port 1U, 24 Port 1U, 48 Port 2U allows you to combine Ethernet, fiber optic, and telco cabling solutions into one central location. The ports are pre-numbered, with spaces for labeling inputs. These patch panels are made of 16 gauge steel for long lasting durability. It is ideal for handling many network connections in a compact SOHO rack.

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Network Rack, SOHO Server Enclosure, 8U - No Doors

Price: $430.77-$765.05
Availability: In Stock
Item #: SH-K7-####-SOHO


    • Quality, Secure Enclosure - The quality construction provides a safe, secure cabinet to store expensive equipment and devices. The locking front and rear doors prevent unauthorized use, especially helpful for network configurations that are in an open office environment.
    • Lift-Off Front and Rear Doors - Unique hinge system allows the front and rear doors to be easily removed when installing or performing maintenance on equipment such as servers, network switches, battery backups, and more.
    • Mobility Included caster kit creates a mobile racking system perfect for home, small office or studio environments.
    • Adjustable Rails - Universal cage nut style rails can be adjusted from 3" to 29" deep to accommodate various depth equipment.
    • Cooling/Ventilation - Perforated doors, vented side panels, and included 78 cfm fan promote air flow and prevent hot spots.
    • Cable Routing Slot - The 10" x 2.25" cut out on the bottom rear of the cabinet provides a cable entrance point for network, telecom and/or power cables.