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Security Alarm Cable

Multi-Conductor Access Control Cable

Some security alarm cable is a multi-conductor construction, making it suitable for access control applications. As the backbone cable of surveillance networks, it’s important to invest in quality multi-conductor access control cable you can depend on. That means choosing cable with a jacket rating up to code with the installation.

The multi-conductor access control cable includes up to four cables with 2-4 conductors inside each one, all under one primary jacket. This means significant cost and labor savings on installation. A single run of our multi-conductor access control cable can be wired to multiple devices to satisfy the needs of biometric scanners, card readers, and access control components.

If your access control cable will run through environmental air spaces, Security Savvy offers the Access Control Cable, CMP/CL2P, (18/4 + 22/4 + 22/2 + 22/3SHLD). This multi-conductor control cable has one 18 AWG cable with four conductors, a 22 AWG cable with two conductors, a 22 AWG cable with four conductors, and a fourth cable with three shielded pairs. It is available in both 1,000ft and 500ft reels, and is jacketed in a low smoke generating PVC coating.

For floor to floor indoor access control applications, Security Savvy offers the Access Control Cable, CMR/CL2R, (18/4 + 22/4 + 22/2 + 22/3SHLD). This multi-conductor control cable is installer friendly, providing for quick installation for card readers, door contacts, locks, handprint, and retinal scanners. This riser rated multi-conductor control cable saves the installer time during setup when pulling and terminating the cable, since one run includes multiple cables under one jacket. EZ Access labels include legends for easy identification of each cable’s purpose.

Security Savvy provides a wide variety of cable tools to assist you with your networking project. The All-In-One Stripping Tool comes in handy when preparing access control wire for installation. Lightweight, compact, and versatile, the All-In-One Cable Stripper helps reduce installation time and costs. It has cable cutting and stripping blades, and accommodates a wide range of materials including coax, twisted pair, security, telephone, and audio cables.

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